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Passamaneria Toscana Interior Decoration
Via dei Conti, 48/51r, 50123 Firenze
055214670 -


Founded in the early fifties, Passamaneria Toscana keeps passing on the tradition of florentine style renaissance decoration. The company is oriented to the quality of fabrics, trimmings and tayloring, which is made in Firenze by florentine hands. In time, the company has been recognized for its skill of selecting and composing fabrics and trimmings of various kinds into a variety of cushions, curtins, tableclothes, bed covers and runners of top quality and durabiity. Its production finds best placement in luxury ambiances furnished with antiques even though many customers like to mix our products with more contemporary designs, to discover that beatiful things get along no matter what style the represent. Passementerie is made of many decorative borders ment to refinish dresses or different things. The reasons why it is used are basically two: the structural and the aestethic one, definitely the most important. From the french word "pessement" he who produces assementeries is called "Passamantiere". Various materials are used: once basically silk, linen and cotton, are to day also sinthetic fibers as golden flowers, pearls and other amenities. It is important to distinguish between industrial and hand made trimmings as the quality of the result is completely different.